A LEGACY OF QUALITY The year 1997 marked the establishment of Abu Odeh Bros. Company as a Jordanian independent importer, exporter, and distributor of all kinds of beans, grains, nuts, pulses and food products. We established Abu Odeh Bros. Company as a continuation of Mr. Mahmoud Abu Odeh’s business that began in 1978. Since then, the company never ceased to impress the local, regional and international markets with high quality products and customer service. In a short period of time, Abu Odeh Bros. Company established a distinguished name in the world of nuts, spices, dried fruits and varied food products. All food products are processed in our own production facility, and tested at every stage of production to ensure the high quality we are thriving to provide our clients with. Consistent top results and highest quality standards are ensured, thanks to qualified employees and to the most modern equipment. Throughout our journey, we put an imprint in the Jordanian market as well as in the regional and international markets; we built and maintained strong relationships with a wide base of clients by providing high quality products at competitive prices and paying extra attention to the needs of our clients. With a true belief that the key to success is consistency, and keeping our customers at the top of our priorities, Abu Odeh Bros. Company sustained growth and touched consumers’ lives for the better. A team of highly committed, high caliber and educated members made positive waves by strongly embedding the name of Abu Odeh Bros. Company in the business map as the leading importer and exporter of broad varieties of food products. We strive to create positive differences in the way we conduct business, dealing with premium food products and delivering total satisfaction to our customers in accordance to fixed standards. Mission Manufacturing, marketing and related services of high quality diversified foodstuff to meet our customer’s needs in both local and regional markets

We guarantee high quality products and services for all our partners through:

  • Selecting safe and diverse international sources
  • Governance and wise leadership
  • Creativity in all our products and services through investing in technology, software and equipment
  • Investing in human capital
  • Cherishing our heritage and our values, and being socially responsible
  • Preserving the environment through waste recycling
  • Leadership within an integrated, institutional and sustainable business structure to provide quality and trusted products to International markets

    • Accountability
    • Teamwork
    • Quality
    • Trust
    • Perseverance and creativity